NOTE: This article addresses an older UI issue. The dropdown now displays the account email address and not the Company name. This article is scheduled for removal.

The way PubNub admin account sharing works is that every user has their own personal PubNub account and then one (or more) of those accounts can invite others to share that account. The outcome of shared accounts is that everyone will see a list of the shared account at the top right of the Admin Dashboard with the individual's personal account listed at the top:

However, due to the limited display width of the dropdown, it is not always easy to distinguish which account is currently selected. And if all of the shared accounts (and possibly the personal) begin with a company name (or just the same letter) then the dropdown list will be difficult to differentiate the personal account from the shared accounts.

There are two options when sharing a company account with many employees and counsultants:

  1. Instead of inviting other personal PubNub accounts, just share the login of the company account and give that account an email that is an alias that all participants are part of:, for example. This is not a best practice because it is likely required to provide different access to different people and having the individual accounts allows each to do their own testing without sharing keys in the shared company account.

  2. Have all individuals create a personal PubNub account and name these personal accounts such that they begin with a different letter so that they are immediately identifiable as an individual account or a company/shared account.

    For example, prefix personal accounts with the letter P and a dash followed by the individual's last name or username: P - conover. And for the company account (which will share access with all the necessary personal accounts), use the letter C as the prefix for company: CSirius Cybernetics Corporation.

Future versions of the PubNub Admin Dashboard will make this sort of naming convention unnecessary with even more advanced sharing capabilities.