Query the current occupancy status of the channel. The response will include the current subscriber count and a list of uuid’s. options contains channel and callback.

Code Example

    channel : "my-channel",
    callback : (messages) { log(messages) }


RESTful Example


_ NOTE _ : It is critical that you make sure that all special characters are URL-encoded to ensure proper operation.

URL and Parameters

/v2/presence/sub-key/ SUBSCRIBE_KEY /channel/ CHANNEL

SUBSCRIBE_KEY is your assigned subscribe key. Subscribe keys begin with the prefix "sub-"

CHANNEL is the specific channel you wish to publish messages to.

Request / Response Example

$ curl{"uuids":["2b0ff52b-3ceb-48b2-8a1e-ea9d53efe461"],"occupancy":1}

In the above example:

uuids are the channel occupant UUID subscribe parameter.
occupancy is the current number of subscribers in the channel.

Successful Response


Failure Response

[0,"Error description here"]