How do I use Socket.IO in conjunction with PubNub?

Socket.IO is comprised of a client API and a backend server:

  1. The client library is used for connectivity at the end-user level, providing an API that sends/receives messages from the client's perspective on a target device like a web browser.
  2. The server for Socket.IO is typically a Node.JS backend that you are required to manage, scale, maintain, upgrade, fix, patch and provide redundancy, failover, monitoring and capacity increasing and deployment strategies and much more. Or you can just use PubNub as the server that takes care of all of this.

PubNub optimized network infrastructure makes Socket.IO better and faster while making coding easier, allowing developers to focus on their application and reduce time to deployment.

For more details see the Socket.IO Guide (GitHub), which includes video tutorials, API usage examples, short recipes (event send/receive, basic presence, enhanced presence, channel/namespace disconnect, SSL/AES security, Geo data, WebSocket compliance, acknowledgments, and more). Other resources include the  Socket.IO Source Repository (GitHub) and the Tutorial Videos.