Is PubNub fast enough to support a realtime multi-player gaming environment?

PubNub is used extensively to add multi-player capabilities to high performance mobile (e.g. iPhone and Android) gaming applications. PubNub is fast, not just for a specific region, but globally with average latency of 130 milliseconds.

Performance gets faster the closer clients are to one of PubNub's 15 data centers. In optimal conditions, delivery speeds up to 9ms per message are achievable. Latency is usually too high in many scenarios including using UDP connections. However there are ways to make the interactivity appear to have zero latency. Here is a list of cool stuff to learn that is specific to gaming:

  1. Dead Reckoning
  2. Deterministic Lockstep
  3. Jitter Buffers
  4. Object Authority Pattern (OAP)
  5. Authoritative Client
  6. Unsynchronized Clocks
  7. Loosely synced Clocks
  8. Client Side Prediction
  9. Latency Compensation
  10. State Streaming VS Input Streaming
  11. Floating Point Discrepancy
  12. Sequence Numbers
  13. Predictive Corrections
  14. Preventative TCP Flooding
  15. Latency Detection

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