PubNub offers greater flexibility and control via powerful add-on features.

  • Presence for awareness of who is connected to a channel, when someone joins or leaves and even when their state changes
  • Stream Controller for listening to multiple channels for message delivery via a single connection (and more)
  • Storage & Playback for easy retrieval of published messages that are stored from 1 to 30 days or forever
  • Security for secure (TLS) connections and data 256 bit AES encryption
  • Access Manager for fine-grain access control at the channel and user level
  • Global Data Replication & Data Center Failover for 99.999% uptime SLA (Global Cloud accounts)
  • Account Dashboard which includes service usage statistics and realtime analytics reporting
  • BLOCKS is a powerful microservice feature for realtime apps that enables application logic to be executed directly within the Data Stream Network