DoS and DDoS attacks are an inevitable reality to be dealt with today on most major websites. PubNub has taken measures to deal with these types of attacks and minimize their impact on apps deployed on our infrastructure at multiple levels, both technically and operationally. These measures include:

  • Restricting/banning IP ranges for client access to our infrastructure
  • Mechanisms for changing IPs of servers we provision in data centers
  • Firewall mitigation techniques available through Amazon IaaS setup
  • Global load-balancing dynamic DNS provider uses 4-IP auto-failover
  • Use comprehensive TCP SYN flooding attack mitigation techniques
  • Geo DNS provides automatic failover across multiple data centers
  • Operator monitoring of site function with detailed multi-level reporting
  • Continuous-deployment (interruption free) with server additions

We highly recommend using the PubNub Access Control as a mechanism to further restrict access to your account by authenticating users and granting read and/or write access at a channel and/or user/channel level. 

See more details about how to use PubNub Access Control