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PN and AngularJS

Anyone use AngularJS library? How do you like it? Any tips and tricks?

I've been using it, but have not had time to really dive in. It seems stable.

Our very own Support Engineer, Fred, has done some extensive testing and modifying of the PubNub AngularJS SDK. He has even retrofitted Data Sync and Chanel Groups into it (not officially released at this time). But we are currently updating the AngularJS SDK to be formally integrated into our core family of JavaScript SDKs so that it is more closely aligned with future releases.

Damn....NICE!!! I am using the angular library but the group was one of the issues I have worked around. Not needing a lot of channels quite yet, but the ability to control that better is killer. Data Sync will definitely take it to the next (already great) level.

Do you have an ETA on when it will be launched?

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