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NodeJS Memory Usage into D3 Charts


Monitor your NodeJS memory usage with PubNub. Plugs right into pubnub-rickshaw for easy realtime charts.


Install with npm.

npm install pubnub-rickshaw-memory

Include in your app with {dev: true}.

var pnrickmem = require('pubnub-rickshaw-memory');
pnrickmem.init({dev: true});

That's it! Now when you run your node app, you should see the following:


Monitor this instance:



Visit the url to see a realtime graph of your NodeJS memory profile over time.


Sent as an object during init().

  publish_key: 'demo',
  channel: uuid(),
  interval_timeout: 1000
  dev_mode: false,
  port: 3333
Parameter Details Type Default
publish_key Your PubNub publish key string 'demo'
channel Your PubNub channel string uuid.v4();
interval_timeout Delay between memory publishes integer 1000
dev_mode Enable development mode boolean false
port Port number for express server spawned when dev mode is enabled integer 3333

How it works

NodeJS memory usage is exposed through process.memoryUsage().

Every interval_timeout the module publishes the current output of process.memoryUsage() to the supplied publish_key and channel on the PubNub network. Read more about PubNub here.

Dev Mode

When dev: true is enabled in options, the module will spawn an express server on localhost using the supplied port. This is a simple static server that already includes the contents of pubnub-rickshaw.


You can customize your graph by configuring pubnub-rickshaw to subscribe the the same channel supplied in options.

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