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Filter Owner Messages on PubNub Data Streams

Filter Owner Messages on PubNub Data Streams

You want to prevent receiving your “own” message. This is typical for broadcast messaging. You can see the Stackoverflow - How to stop receiving my own messages in PubNub.

PubNub Data Stream Filtering Server-side

You can filter ("stop receiving") by your own messages in PubNub by filtering. We have implemented a server-side filtering feature which you can use to prevent messages that are generated by a user to be also received by the user. Today this isn’t yet available and in a future release of PubNub we will provider filtering features server-side.

Client-side Filtering - Today's Best Practice Option -

Client-side Filtering Option available right now!
Server-side Filtering not available... yet!.

You can easily include a uuid per message published where the uuid is associated with the publisher user. Upon receiving a broadcast message you can check the message['uuid'] and ignore if necessary; for example if it is your own UUID my_uuid == message['uuid'].

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