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PubNub Access Manager with Node.JS

PubNub Access Manager with Node.JS

GitHub Download Repository - Example Usage of PAM with Concurrency and Node.js

Grant Access with PubNub and a variable Concurrency Warning do not set concurrency too high. Setting concurrency too high will cause your server to overloaded and throw errors.

This screen capture demos a reasonable concurrency node index.js -n 200 -c 20.

PubNub Access Manager High Concurrency Grants

Issue 100 requests with concurrency of 10:

node index.js -n 100 -c 10

Do something very bad "too much concurrency":

node index.js -n 10000 -c 2000

Test many grants with reasonable concurrency:

node index.js -n 10000 -c 20

Command Line Options

  • -subscribe_key 'pam' - Subscribe Key
  • -publish_key 'pam' - Publish Key
  • -secret_key 'pam' - Secret Key
  • -ssl true - SSL Mode
  • -ttl 10 - TTL in Minutes of Session Life
  • -n 100 - Number of Grants to Issue
  • -c 10 - Number of Concurrent Requests

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