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Protocol Independence

What is Protocol Independence?

The PubNub Data Stream Network believes in a protocol independent open mobile web; meaning that we will use the best protocol to get connectivity through any environment. Protocols, like WebSockets, can get tripped up by cell tower switching, double NAT environments, and even some anti-virus software or proxy boarder authorities.

PubNub provides client libraries specifically so we can auto-switch the protocol and remove socket-level complexities making it easy for developers to build apps that can communicate in realtime.

PubNub has used a variety of protocols over time, like WebSockets, MQTT, COMET, BOSH, long polling and others, and we are exploring currently prototyping future designs using SPDY, HTTP 2.0, and others. The bottom line is that PubNub will work in every network environment, and has very low network bandwidth overhead, as well as low battery drain on mobile devices.

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