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OpenGL and Real-Time

This Trick is more of a reminder of why real-time will make games massively cool. I was searching up three.js the other day, which led me to the chrome experiments. If you haven't seen those, and you like 3D gaming, then you need to check it out. It isn't coincidental that this blog entry features the chrome experiments as well. Real-time and games are meant to be together.

When I was younger my friend and I lugged my family Dell tower and sat it next to an old Compaq tower. Then we hooked them up via a cross-over cable. It took a little over an hour to set-up and figure it out for the first time. This was all just to play a space-simulator named Freespace, in real-time. People are willing to go to great lengths to have that type of experience

As a real-time service PubNub allows you to create memorable experiences with a page-load. This means unique, collaborative games are on the horizon.

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