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Publish Key Vs. Public Key Confusion - PubNub API Keys

Publish Key Vs. Public Key Confusion

It is common to see a confusion between the term Publish Key and Public Key. These two terms are very different.

Publish Key - PubNub Send Key

Publish Key is a term used in the PubNub universe which describes a key with Publish Send capabilities. The PubNub Publish Key is required to be paired with a Subscribe Key. The Publish Key is required for sending JSON messages over PubNub Data Stream Network.

Public Key - Cryptography

Now let's talk about the purpose and context of Public Key. This term is typically used in cryptography/encryption universe and reserved as the open key. RSA offers Public/Private key generation and encrypt/decrypt methods.

i have signed up in pub nub. how can i know my public key?

Public Keys are generated via RSA and are optional. You don't need a Public Key. I recommend continuing forward from here without a Public Key until you identify the need for one.

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