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Forever running Mac app stops receiving message, keeps publishing heartbeats

We have a Mac app that uses the cocoa sdk (v3.7.11). We were experiencing periodic issues where it would not receive any messages on it's private channel. To debug, I added a timer that keeps checking if the app is connected to pubnub and publishes the status on a public (to my app) channel. The app will still periodically stop receiving messages on it's private channel, even though it continues to publish on the public channel. Also periodically I will see timeouts (if listening to the private channel using the pubnub console). The fact that the app is publishing to the public channel implies that there is no connectivity/reachability issue. Why does this happen? What does the timeout mean? The Mac app is an important component in our customer facing hardware, and the periodic issues we are facing is making it very difficult for us to rely on PubNub for connecting to it.

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