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Ruby, subscribing to channel does not output any messages.

I'm following the Ruby sdk guide.

I can publish successfully but when trying to subscribe nothing happens as I try to send a message to the channel from the pubnub console.

When running the code, it finishes and exits. No async is happening.

pubnub =
  subscribe_key: 'demo', 
  publish_key: 'demo', 
  connect_callback: lambda {|msg| pubnub.publish(channel: 'demo', message: 'Hello from PubNub        Ruby SDK!!', http_sync: true)}

pubnub.subscribe(channel: 'demo') do |envelope|
  puts envelope.message

Adam, it is possible that there is a bug in the SDK and we are having the engineering team review it to verify. Do you mind submitting this to support and we can track it more closely there? Many thanks!

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