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Building Chat option inside Online store

Hello, I am Investor, I have Plan to build app which include Shopping cart like ebay with live chat( 1-to-1) buyer/seller can chat with each other,

I can develop store like ebay but for Chat integration I want to buy software so I can integrate with my application. Do Pubnub has readymade chat software?

Hi Ismail great question. While PubNub would not be considered a "packaged" chat product (since it's designed as a flexible messaging layer tool for developers working with many use-cases including and beyond text chat), we do offer several examples of how you can integrate PubNub within your ecommerce app to achieve chat functionality. Here is a listing of all chat examples from our blog:

If you have specific questions about other functionality goals that you would like to achieve with data streams (for example, realtime bidding updates or new question alerts for support agents), I would strongly recommend reaching out to your PubNub Customer Success Manager to schedule a best-practices discussion with one of our Solution Architect or email if you don't know who your Customer Success Manager is.

Hope this helps!

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