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Punnub format and Json problem

message: {yourid:{"latlng":[yourlat,yourlng],"data":{"id":yourid,"name":"jack","status":"Available"}}}

A code for my app i have a problem in executing the above line, The problem is in yourid (want to make the yourid dynamic so call the random nos. but was unable to track in yourid ) but incase of "data":{"id":yourid,"name":"jack","status":"Available"}}} it works.

Please suggest me how to make the yourid works.

Your suggestion will be appreciated.

Hey Jack. The problem seems to be that you're using yourid as a key in a key-value pair, IE: {key: value}. In this case, the key will always be a string, while the value will be interpreted as a variable.

I suggest you continue to use the data property, or reformat your first JSON block to be {id: yourid}.

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