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PubNub with Meteor App

Can someone help me understand where PubNub would fit into a Meteor app?

Lets take chat apps for an example. PubNubs 10 line chat app is connecting clients together directly using pubnub as the message transport vehicle.

A quick meteor app can be put together that uses mongoDB as the message transport vehicle.

My thinking is that if I wanted to use PubNub to transport my message I'd have to connect client side in the meteor app and not use the servers side at all. In this case I could use server side perhaps to figure out what channel a client need to connect to which it would pass out to the client.

Is there any reason it would make sens to have the server connecting to PubNub? Wouldn't that just be extra trips across the wire? it seems to me if you are already making the trip to the Server that it would be faster to just push and pull from the DB at that point and skip the trip to PubNub.

BTW, I'd prefer to use PubNub as my transport vehicle because it appears to be faster than using MongoDB.

Thanks in advance for any insight you have to offer. I appreciate your time.

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