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Is Pubnub the right solution for my app?

My app is basically a tinder style app, users can discover each other and then start a chat. People should be able to start a 1on1 chat, group chat among friends, send images in chat which expires after some time. Need to have push notifications obviously if I get a new match or if someone is chatting with me.

I have built the backend with php, hosted on a Centos server. I was planning on implementing chat on an xmpp Openfire Server. This has to support both ios and android and website also.

Is it possible to use pubnub to setup and do chats and send images? So essentially my app will run on 2 separate servers? Will this increase the performance time of my app?

Yes, PubNub will definitely be the right solution. Not only will PubNub save you time building a chat server, but we handle scaling and other features like handling a list of online users, retrieving old messages, etc.

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