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iOS SDK V4 : why didReceiveStatus is fired only when subscribed to one channel

Hello, I'm using iOS SDK V4 and trying to subscribe to more than one channel in different statements. the problem is that didReceiveStatus is only fired when I subscribed to the first channel. for example, in viewDidLoad I subscribed to "global" channel:

[g.client addListener:self];

[g.client subscribeToChannels:@[@"global"] withPresence:NO];

and didReceiveStatus is fired.

but then, I have a button to subscribe to "game" channel :

[g.client subscribeToChannels:@[@"game"] withPresence:NO];

it subscribes directly without firing didReceiveStatus. so, is this a bug? When I was using iOS SDK V3.7 there was no issue, I could subscribe to different channels in different statements and there was a callback after each statement.


Please file a support ticket for this. The intended behavior is it should be fired for each subscribeToChannels call. Also make sure you are on the latest version..pod update. This was an issue with an earlier release.

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