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Phone Ready Callback Function not getting called for VOIP App

The reference url starts here: What I am trying to do here is build a VOIP application for android. I have generated api keys and used same below in this example but ready function is never getting called. Please halp!

// The phone *number* can by any string value
var phone = PHONE({
    number        : '810',
    publish_key   : 'pub-c-ec4e529a-eb7c-4351-8b0e-40c6be7545cf',
    subscribe_key : 'sub-c-79ca963c-1bcd-11e5-a3cf-02ee2ddab7fe',
    ssl           : true

// As soon as the phone is ready we can make calls
    alert("phone ready");
    // Dial a Number and get the Call Session
    // For simplicity the phone number is the same for both caller/receiver.
    // you should use different phone numbers for each user.
    var session = phone.dial('810');


phone.ready(...) will fire when the user has granted Voice access. Here is the real live screenshot for what the user will see and what they have to "Allow" in order to have the ready callback fire.

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