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WebRTC - Video Chat app:

Hi, In a real world , how will the caller in a video chat will send a message to the callee (using WebRTC) on which URL to click or which room to join? The Video chat app in PubNub shows a URL to the initiator. How does the receiver know which URL (number) to "call"?

I am a newbie, so a detailed explanation would help. Thanks in advance, Shub

You can have every user connect to a common channel and start communication from there. For example, first you would list a user's friends and then initiate a chat with an individual user based on their username.

Hi Ian, Thanks for the answer. However, since I am a newbie further clarifications are needed.

1> "every user connect to a common channel" - By this you mean a "Room" ? What is meant by a common channel?

2> "initiate a chat with an individual user based on their username" - How is it possible to start a chat with an individual based on "username"? A detailed explanation would be helpful (if possible with sample codes).

Thanks in Advance, Shub

If you still require further assistance with this, please submit to support.

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