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Can I use PubNub to update and delete messages without "Storage&Playback" feature?

I am trying to build a realtime CRUD app. I have a rails app integrated with angularJS. It uses postgresql database, and angular is connected to the backend via JSON api. I'm running PubNub commands from angular.

So far, I got the PubNub subscribe and publish working, and the published data gets saved on the postgresql backend. In other words, I got the "create" and "read" part done, and I have the "update" and "delete" to implement.

I've been searching here and on google, but the only examples I got were either for a project with BackBone.js+PubNub or Chaplin+BackBone.js+PubNub or I had to discard my backend with postgresql+JSON api and use PubNub's Storage&Playback feature.

Is there anyway that I can implement update/edit and delete on my current setup? Thanks for all your help in advance!

We have a dedicated PubNub + Angular JS resources page found here:

As for update / delete. You should be interacting with your own API over REST and then publishing updates to the front end using PubNub.

Client -> HTTP Endpoint -> PubNub -> Client

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