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PubNub callbacks missing

I am performing functional tests for my project in java.

PubNub is not making the callbacks when I try to subscribe or publish within the test method even though the connection is fine.

If I try to publish or subscribe to the channel from a separate java client, the callback works well.

public class FunctionalTest { private Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(FunctionalTest.class);

public void verifyCreateSuccess() throws JAXBException,IOException {

Pubnub pubnub = new Pubnub("publisher-key", "subscriber-key");

Callback callback = new Callback() {
   public void successCallback(String channel, Object response) {"PUBLISHER::" + response.toString());
   public void errorCallback(String channel, PubnubError error) {"PUBLISHER::" + error.toString());
   } };  try {
   pubnub.publish("foo-test",new JSONObject().put("test", 1),callback);} catch (JSONException e) {

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