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PubNub Dashboard not updating with information

I have gone over the initial tutorial of setting up PubNub for android and everything seems to be working on the phone. The only problem is that, the my dashboard isn't being updated with the information.

I see the following in my logs so I would assume that it should be pushing the right data.

D/Location Update﹕ Latitude: 42.5731094 Longitude: -71.7472816 D/PUBNUB﹕ [1,"Sent","14345512363613796"] 06-17 10:D/Location Update﹕ Latitude: 42.5731084 Longitude: -71.7472896

Is there some lag in between when the dashboard gets displayed? Do I need to wait for "n" hours before I see anything useful in my dashboard?

Can one see the message being sent on their dashboard?

When you say Dashboard, do you mean your Usage page in your PubNub account? If so, then yes. That data gets crunched on a daily and updated. It is a huge big data process. Let me know if that was what you were talking about.

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