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Install two APNS certificates onto a server instance?

We need to be able to install both a production and development APNS cert onto our UAT/testing instance. Our server guy has access to install the certs (not me) and he see no way to install two. I've searched the docs and this forum for a solution. I'm guessing that it's supported but perhaps not obvious. Is there a doc or guide on how to do this?

Reason: To send our app to remote testers, we have to create an ad-hoc build. Apple considers ad-hoc builds to be production builds. Thus, we have installed our production APNS cert there. This works and our remote testers can get & test push messages.

When I do a local build and install to my device, I'm doing a development build. I don't get push messages because there's a certificate mismatch. While I could do an ad-hoc build & install to my local device, iOS filters out console log output from production (including ad-hoc) builds. Thus, I'd get push messages but no logging. I want both.

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