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Using Presence for Messenger appps

I'm working on a messenger app with features like 'Buddy List', 'Private Messages', 'Group Messages', and so on.

  1. In a private chat scenario, do I have to create a separate channel for each pair of users who are chatting ?
  2. How am I supposed to block messages from the users that are not in my buddy list and/or those who I have blocked ?
  3. Using presence, how to show online vs. offline buddies ? Do I have to monitor 'here_now' events for every buddy's channel ?
  1. Create a private channel for each user. Protect this with PAM.
  2. Remove PAM permissions for channel from step 1 when a user is blocked
  3. Every user subscribed to another user's channel will show up in here_now

When a user signs on they subscribe to all friends channels. Thus, every other user's "here_now" channel will show a list of other online users.

Channels are computationally cheap, don't worry about creating or subscribing to too many.

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