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How to get timeout participants list?

As we know that for each participant, we have three presence states: - join , timeout, leave

In iOS, when we call the method : "requestParticipantsListFor:(NSArray *)channelObjects clientIdentifiersRequired:(BOOL)isClientIdentifiersRequired clientState:(BOOL)shouldFetchClientState withCompletionBlock:(PNClientParticipantsHandlingBlock)handleBlock"

  • It gives me the participants list who are join in channel at present and not timeout yet.

Que : What should i do to get the List of Available+Timeout participants. (Not leave) ?

Please guide.

Hey Tajinder, you want all participants that have ever joined the channel?

YES with their last updated state. Please let me know if you know the way.


You can get notification about any users that join, leave, or timeout from the channel. Those events are published to the channel's pnpres channel.

Please see this presence getting started guide (step #2):

And more information about the presence events:

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