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How to manage Online / Offline / Away status in background PUBNUB + IOS?

We want to implement Online/Offline using Pubnub framework in iOS but app doesn't work in background more than 10 minutes. We have tried to implement this by enable location feature and its working fine. But client does not want to enable location service for this purpose. So how we will manage to make run enable in background infinite ? (QUE 1)

And if we want to put Online/Offline/Away status in our code

Where we should show, Online: When user open the app Offline: When user close the app from background OR delete the app Away: When user tap on home button and app is in background.

How we will implement this (Specially AWAY & Offline state)?(QUE 2)

Is there any other way to manage Online/Offline/Away ? (Without Pubnub ) (QUE 3) If Yes, please describe the way.

How we will manage Online/Offline/Away using web service? When we call that web services? (QUE 4)

We are using almost 3-4 year old base code. So should we add any other parameter in plist to enable app in background for more time ? (QUE 5)

Please guide us.

Basically, you need Apple's permission to run in background but there is a lot of details you are asking here. Can you submit to support and let us know which version of the PubNub iOS SDK you are using?

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