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confused about pubsub using unicast pattern and master_channel

in the following document

it talks about being able being able to do pubsub between 2 clients using a unicast pattern.

from what I picked up you "register" a unique channel by sending it to a specific channel named "master_channel".

Does the channel name "have" to be "master_channel"? Is that a reserved channel name?

If so, why is there no other information about this "master_channel" in the documentation or the API? It seems the unicast feature is not widely used.

"master_channel" is not a reserved channel name.

It is just the name used in this example. The important requirement for this pattern is that the channel name is known by all devices (master and remotes) for coordination.

Thx for the reply Dara,

ok so basically we are just using a specific channel name known by 2 clients, i mean technically 3 clients can also use the same channel name, so unicast is not some feature, it is just a name when only 2 clients are using the same channel.

the example and wording confused me a little bit, I was expecting it to be some other feature.

essentially the example was just having to send the unique channel name to the others using a general channel named "master_channel" first.

Am I right?


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