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how to notify channel name to another device in pubnub

UserA generates his own Dynamic channel name, UserAx732dsw3efsdfsdfsdf UserA starts listening to his newly created channel UserAx732dsw3efsdfsdfsdf

UserB wants to sends a private message to userA.

how can userB or the System find out the channel name UserAx732dsw3efsdfsdfsdf because, this is a private channel generated dynamically by userA , neither the System or userB has accessed to it. This same thing is happening for userB as well, if userB should be notified by any other entity or by the system again, there should be a way to find out the dynamic channel name of userB .

If presence is enabled for the dynamic channel, userB can make a "where_now" request to see which channels userA is present on. The result will include the dynamic channel. Now userB can message userA on that channel.

where_now documentation:

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