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Problem receiving message through REST API


I've set up a simple page to subscribe to message:


When i publish the message using REST, i never get any message on the page above. The invoked GET method:

What's wrong?


{"status":400,"service":"Access Manager","error":true,"message":"Invalid Subscribe Key","payload":{"channels":["woof"]}}

That message indicates the you have enabled the Access Manager on your account in the PubNub Dashboard. When enabled, you must grant access to all operations. Please disable this add-on until you are ready to implement grants/auth-keys in to your app.

Hi Craig,

Thank you for your reply, i did not enable the Access manager. Instead of error message, i got this:


...but the subscribe page never get any messages.

So the next issue to look at is the "invalid subscribe key". Can you send your code to mentioning this issue?

Thanks, Craig, for your time. I will send the code to the support email.

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