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how to enable push notification on specific channel Titanium JS sdk

hey i'm trying to enable push notification on chat channel i had successfully uploaded my app cert and but my problem is that when i successfully subscribe to channel in the callback i added this function to use mobile getway to send my token so i used this function from cordova tutorial to enable push notification with no success

function sendPush(channel) { console.log("sending token"); pubnubagent.mobilegwprovision({ subscribekey:'sub-c-abcc2b3a-d133-11e4-85c8-02ee2ddab7fe', deviceid : Ti.App.Properties.getString("apnsToken"), // Reg ID you got on your device channel : channel, ///op : 'add', type : 'apns', // gwtype : 'apns', error : function(msg) { console.log("aps error msg"+msg); }, callback : function() { console.log("success apns"); } //successCallback }); }


Use this troubleshooting guide to find the root cause. If you still can't find root cause and resolve, provide info and details gathered from this troubleshooting process to PubNub Support.

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