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Problem with push notifications for ios cordova application


I'm following tutorial to test out pubnub push services for ios app generated with cordova.

My problem is that everything seems to be set up properly but still push notifications are not received by mobile device.

I went through suggestions at Everything is fine there except next questions:

When doing this: Verify that the channel is registered to the device using this query:[sub-key]/devices/[device] When I use my data I'm getting response []. Does it mean that there is an issue?

Another thing - when I activate debugging I'm getting: "Devices found for ['apns'] push notification" "Invalid MPNS notification format" In my case I'm sending only apns. Could this complain ("Invalid MPNS notification format") case an issue?

With best regards, Aleh Autushka

Made it working. Testing with ruby gem pushmeup helped to figure out the problem I had with my certificate. You can check how to set up testing here: (Testing APNS and GCM notifications)

Excellent! By the way, if you are not including a particular gateway (MPNS for example), then you can ignore the "Invalid MPNS notification format" messages. This just means that it didn't find the pn_mpns key or it did and it was not valid format (then you can pay attention to it).

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