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Create chat room between two pubnub app

Hey i have two app the first one is IOS Native and the second is titanium android ,ios app for now i m using same pubnub app to create chat room between both apps but i want to add push notification feature but as i saw i can add just one apple certificate and i need two certificate is there any way to do this ? i tried to create two pubnub app but i didn't find any way to create one channel across multiple apps any ideas how to solve this ? Thanks in advance.

Tony, You can use the same PubNub key set in two different apps but you can't use the same push cert in two different iOS apps (as you know). But we are adding a feature that will allow you to add more than 1 push cert per PubNub key set. No release date on this yet but is coming soon.

Thanks @Craig so for now i can create pubnub app for each one of my apps and each one with different cert using same pubnub key ,but with that when i create a channel in one app can i access it from the second app?

No, you can't do that. You are sort of out of luck for now. If you have two different iOS apps then you have two choices.

1) 1 PubNub key set for both apps and push notifications for only one of them

2) 2 PubNub key set so each iOS app has a different pub/sub key and each has its own push cert

But with option #2, if you want to have app1 talk to app2, you need to publish twice: once on app1's keys and once on app2's keys. Not recommended.

The multi-cert feature is key for this sort of use case.

Yeah i think so, but for now if i want follow the option #2 its need two pubnub objects and two channel for each app to publish on and then i need to receive messages from one of them? but i don't know why this option not recommended

Mostly because it's messy. You can do it but creating two instances of Pubnub object with two different set of keys, publishing twice, etc - it just gets to be a real mess to keep organized. You can do it but I'm sure you'll see that it just gets to be a bit of hairball. I'd call this a workaround until we enable multiple push certs per key set.

It's not recommended because it's just not a best practice to do this. Like I said, it's messy and a workaround at best, but really your only option at this point.

And you have to pay for two key sets and you are publishing twice the messages.

Thanks @Craig for you help. but i was looking for better workaround and i found this link and i was thinking about using a third party like parse to allow me sending messages between different channel on different pubnub app as stated in this link i can use Parse api calls to publish messages to another pubnub app using it's key set but i'm now stack on how i can get my chat history because i don't wanna publish my message twice in order to avoid some mess so as there any way to get it done using parse Thanks again

We have the same use case and we are trying to make two apps communicate to the same chat room and we faced the same issues. is there a solution to this since it is a huge show stopper. Please help.

hello. Any news about this?

The news is that we are adding multi-cert/key capability in a future major version/upgrade to our Account Dashboard (where you upload your push certs to your keys) - 2016 Q1/Q2 timeframe estimate.

Until then, you must use two different sub-keys, one for one app and one for the other app, and publish/subscribe for realtime messages on one set of keys, and publish the push notification payload in duplicate (but not the realtime msg) on the other key, and have devices register for push notifications on both keys so both apps get all the push notifications they need.

We are working to get the new Dashboard, and all the additional infrastructure/features/requirements that go with it, out the door.

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