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Error in Client.php - Can't find PEM file. Please set pem_path in initializer

I am deveoping a phonegap app. I am trying to send a push message to the app on the phone from a server running php. I just downloaded the php client from today.

use Pubnub\Pubnub;

$pubnub = new Pubnub(array(
  'subscribe_key' => 'sub-key...',
  'publish_key'   => 'pub-key...',
  'uuid'          => 'channelname',
  'ssl'           => true

$info = $pubnub->publish('channelname', 'Hey World!');

What I don't understand is that I get this error after publishing:

Error on line 93 in /path/to/composer/lib/Pubnub/Clients/Client.php: Can't fint PEM file. Please set pem_path in initializer.

I tried uploading the pem file I configured with pubnub and set the path for pem_path. Although the error disappears, I get no response from pubnub.

There seems to bee no information about this pem file anywhere in the docs... Do I need it? If so, how do I create such a file?


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