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Enable push notifications returns message=[1, "Modified Channels"]

I'm currently developing on the Android platform and attempting to use GCM with PubNub.

When I try to enable push notifications (enablePushNotificationsOnChannel), I get a success callback but with the channel as a blank string and the following message... [1,"Modified Channels"]. Furthermore, when I try to push a message, I never receive it.

Now, I've tested with a simple subscribe call and it usually returns with a message like... [1, "Subscribe connected"]. When I use this method, I can successfully receive pushed messages.

Given that, I'm sure something is up with my GCM configuration, but I'm not sure exactly what.

What does the "Modified Channels" message mean exactly?

I'm not real sure what is going on here but have you followed the docs on this here:

I figured it out. The message was not in the correct format.

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