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Message arrival time accuracy or delay time for large amount of subscribers.


Our team is working on realtime broadcasting application, and have a question about message delivery accuracy on PubNub service. The project is about sending a cue signal from one device to large amount of subscribers around 20k in realtime. Also message should be delivered at the same time. We assume we want to go with $399/Month plan for Pub/Nub.

If a single message is delivered to such amount of subscribers, I wonder how accurate the delivery time in milliseconds or seconds. Is there any benchmark tools for such testing?


There is no guarantee that all the subscribers would receive within a given margin of error because we can not guarantee the QoS of the last mile network connection. But this is what PubNub does incredibly well and very reliably. We have many large customers that rely on this sort of performance every day (every second). Doubts can be settled by doing some testing though.

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