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Manage client subscriptions from a central server?

We have a portal from which we want to manage device channels remotely. Our current understanding is that the device will have to request from the server which channels it should subscribe to. However, it also seems like we could have a device subscribe to it's own unique channel "group"and use a stream controller to manage that group remotely. Is there a design pattern to facilitate subscription management from the server?

Tucker, the device would have to subscribe to the channel group but the server (your server), or the device, can add and remove channels to and from that group as required.

So each device would have it's own channel group. Would the server need to leverage "Stream Controller" to manage the devices channel group?

Each device could have it's own channel group, yes. How many devices are you talking about?

Stream Controller is just an umbrella term for multiplexing, channel groups and more features to come that will be added to the Stream Controller add-on. And as far as leveraging Stream Controller, you enable it for your keys and you can use it everywhere.

Number of devices this year is: <5k At full scale (next couple of years) 50-100k What scale limits should we plan for regarding this channel group model?

Tucker, that's a significant number. We can handle it but a verbal conversation should be had with your Customer Success Rep to make sure best practices are followed. Send an email to regarding this topic and we'll get something setup.

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