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Objc Tutorials - Getting Started sample code.


I've just started working through the 'Objective-C' (IOS) Getting Started examples and I've hit an issue with the PubNub SDK 3.7.1. and the first demo code 'Subscribe Only'

I'm running Xcode 6.1.x and I've resolved the issue of the missing "Add PNImports to your project precompile header (.pch) file." by importing the PNImports.h within the AppDelegate.h file.

But it seems since the example (Subscribe Only) was written (2013), the SDK has removed the function PNLog from the PNMacros.h.

  • (void)pubnubClient:(PubNub *)client didReceiveMessage:(PNMessage *)message { PNLog(PNLogGeneralLevel, self, @"PubNub client received message: %@", message); }

Can anyone suggest what replaces the PNLog macro?

I couldn't find any reference to the PNLog on the cocopods/docs site for the SDK.

Thanks, MadKiwi

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