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Setting up connected car transportation app

Hello. I'm new here. I am very intrigued about the Connected Car (transportation) app PubNub has demonstrated on their demo page. ( and specificially ) I also found the Github files at

Is there any documentation for setting this up? Do I just change the API calls to my credentials and then just upload the files to my server?

Just trying to figure out how to get started here. I'm not sure how to get at least the demo working on my website. Thanks so much for anyone's assistance!

Hi Fisch,

Good question. Our Transportation Kit is a guide on abstract strategy recommended starting point for developers building a connected car solution. The GUI is a demonstrated example of what capabilities are available today on the PubNub DSN (Data Stream Network). You may be seeking a pre-built and completed mobile app. You may be interested in checking out for booking, tracking and managing dispatch based on-demand services platforms. Dispatch gives you transparency into the schedule availability and performance of your service worker fleet. However this also may not be what you are seeking. Looking forward to continuing our conversation here, let me know more where you are at with your objectives.

Ah, ok. I see. Then this appears to be over my head as far as my programming skill set goes. Not a problem. I will look into an alternative solution. Nonetheless, I have found some other PubNub demos that are within my skill set that fits another project. So, it's all good. Although you obviously have an interest in seeing technology questions answered here, I really appreciate it that you personally took the time to reply yourself and in a timely fashion. Now that I know (from recent emails), I'll go to the Customer Success team first for help in the future.

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