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I want to build a android chat app, using pubnub, how do i go about it? i am a beginner,

i am thinking to have it like, login screen ->enter button->show page with online users->clik on any one online user->move to new page and start chatting.

Are you a beginner at Android, PubNub or programming in general?

i have basic knowledge of android, but nva worked with any api

Start with our Building a Basic Chat App Use Case. There are some links at the bottom to sample chat apps. It would be best to start with the JavaScript Chat example as we don't currently have an Android specific example yet.

And return to the PNDC with more questions you have as you attempt to build your first PubNub Chat App. Best of luck.

look at my it is a web server with chat, messages,sharing & custom.web pages

Impressive, sir!

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