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Message: "Invalid Subscribe Key" when client trying to connect.

I'm sure the subscribe key is right. Got this message last night 2:00am (time zone+8), but 3:00am back to normal. don't know why i get the error message and the channel names are not same.

( ex: GROUP1091 <> GROUP151)

Following are structure and the full error message.

  • frontend: subscribe channels.
  • backend: grant the client and message publish.

//the restful query url

//return json "Invalid Subscribe Key" payload: {,…} channels: [map, ALL, MailUnread_27831, GroupData, ItemPrice, other, GROUP_151, Role_27831, StockPrice] 0: "map" 1: "ALL" 2: "MailUnread_27831" 3: "GroupData" 4: "ItemPrice" 5: "other" 6: "GROUP_151" 7: "Role_27831" 8: "StockPrice" service: "Access Manager" status: 400

This was directly caused by an issue that we correctly quickly on Sunday. See our status page for details:

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