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Presence api error

Hi guys I'm building android chat application. Whenever i hit presence api in order to check user's presence over particular channel it gives me following error:

11-10 15:53:39.959: I/System.out(7972): [Error: 129-0] : Page Not FoundPlease verify if network is reachable.Please contact support with error details. : {"message": "Not found: '/v2/presence/sub-key/sub-c-7566c1c4-5e8b-11e4-aa25-02ee2ddab7fe/channel/realtimeAwardsShow/uuid//data'", "service": "Presence", "error": 1}

I'm unable to understand what kind of error it is. Please help to solve this error

I see an extra "/" between "uuid" and "data" in the URL. Are you using a "/" as part of your UUID and it didn't get encoded?

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