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PubNub on Sun SPOTs

I was trying to get the PubNub J2ME libraries built for the Sun SPOT devices ( and I got most f it done, but it turns out that the entire library relies on the tinylinegzip library, which is proprietary (as best I can tell) so I can't add that to the compiled library. Bummer, as I have a TON of these devices that I'd love to get up on PubNub as a data backing store. Any suggestions?

Hey David ! I did a quick google search and I came across the tinyline library's website : - They have a license document listed here : - It seems like you would be okay redistributing it.

Thanks. And yes, It is licensed so that I can redistribute it, but it is not open source, so it doesn't appear that I can get the source for it to recompile it for my target platform. That is the issue I'm having.

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