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Cross-Platform Toolset Decision Time

Okay, I need to make a decision about developing a cross-platform (iOS, Android, desktop, tablets, consoles) and need expert advice. I need the flexibility of HTML5/CSS, along with libraries from R, D3.js, and PubNub's realtime systems. I need to have a secure chat, realtime messaging, security, anonymity, push messaging, and big data backend (not Kardashian-like). I am trying to decide among Titanium, PhoneGap, and Xamarin. I know Javascript, not C#, so Xamarin would add to my learning curve. Finally, I stumbled upon Meteor and really love the simplicity, but wonder how Meteor would fit with PubNub and toolset chosen. PLEASE help me make the right decision so that I can begin learning and coding without significant toolset problems. Thanks!!!

Hey Lyndon. Personally I've had great success with Phonegap and PubNub. You can find my app here:

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